Part Three: Alan Pardew and Steve Parish must take credit for Palace’s current situation

 Crystal Palace’s rise in recent years has been well documented but with Alan Pardew and Steve Parish at the helm the club is in safe hands as Palace look to progress both on and off the pitch.

The squad that currently takes to the field at Selhurst Park every other week is probably the best since the 1990’s heyday, when Ian Wright, Mark Bright and Geoff Thomas graced the hallowed turf at Selhurst.

And if you ask some fans, the squad that Pardew has now is the best in the clubs history – and personally I tend to go along with that notion.

The recent capture of Emmanuel Adebayor shows just what a transformation Palace’s forward line has undertaken in recent years.

Not in the so distant past, Palace were signing strikers such as Jermaine Easter for £250,000 – now the club have taken a punt on a former Arsenal, Manchester City, Tottenham, and not forgetting Real Madrid forward – but I’m still to be convinced if Adebayor is the right man for Palace.

But a large part of the credit has to go to Pardew, who was often despised and given some rough treatment from Newcastle United fans – but at Palace he is loved, and has also proved what a superb manager he is – and with Euro 2016 around the corner and many expecting Roy Hodgson to leave his post after the tournament in France – Pardew could be an ideal replacement.

Pardew for England

If you ask me Pardew could be a good fit for England, he knows English football well, and has a refreshing attacking outlook on the game which could benefit the national squad; but then if Jose Mourinho is still available come the summer it would be hard for the FA not to at least approach the Portuguese about the national job.

Pardew has transformed Palace, and he could get national recognition in the shape of the England job
Pardew has transformed Palace, and he could get national recognition in the shape of the England job

But if the FA wants an English manager there is not too many out there better than Pardew at the moment.

In an interview with FourFourTwo at the start of this season, Pardew spoke about his chances of succeeding Hodgson after Euro 2016: “For the England job, it is going to be about where you are when the chance comes; if your flag is up the pole or down the pole. I hope that if it does come around at some stage, my flag is up the pole.”

It would be great to see Pardew in the dugout at Wembley and at future major tournaments – he has showed particularly at Palace that he can develop young talent, and with England’s current crop of players being young Pardew could get the best out of them and finally win some silverware for the nation.

The future looks bright under Steve Parish

With Palace pushing for Europe this season the future of the clubs look immensely bright; and that is down to one man, Steve Parish.

Parish has worked wonders at Crystal Palace, he has made them stable and helped secure the deal with the Americans
Parish has worked wonders at Crystal Palace, he has made them stable and helped secure the deal with the Americans

Parish has put his heart and soul into the club, and has made sure it is run the right way – just look at Bolton Wanderers at the moment; they were an established Premier League club not long ago – now they are fighting for thier lives in every sense of the word.

In the first two seasons in the top-flight, Parish and club couldn’t settle on the right manager. Ian Holloway departed, Tony Pulis came and stabilised the club but he left after a disagreement. And then Neil Warnock came in to steady the ship, but he very nearly sunk the ship.

But now Parish has found the perfect manager for his club, and the rewards are paying off at the moment.

Before Christmas it was announced that Palace were going to be taken over by American investors Josh Harris and David Blitzer, but with Parish and the rest of his guys still holding shares within the club.

It will give Palace more funds to expand the stadium, and it should also give Pardew more money for players – it sounds like a win/win scenario that could push Palace onto the next level.

Jay Crame, editor of TheEaglesBeak said:

“I have always thought it a good thing not to have one person investing in a club and to have a few like CPFC2010. Much more likely to get sensible decisions from a group of level headed business men.

“Nothing short of an incredible transformation but they have not wanted to stand still and wait. There is a real feeling that for the first time perhaps ever, the club is evolving into to something that could do more than safeguard its own future.”

There is no doubting the club is on the up; with Parish at the helm and Pardew in the dugout, Palace have two people who have the know-how to see Palace broker unchartered territory and push to become a force at the right end of the Premier League table.

I just want to say a huge thank you to my editor over at TheEaglesBeak for taking the time to answer some questions on Crystal Palace – please go and check out the site, there is some wonderful content on there!


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