This section is a good opportunity to let people know a little more about me on a personal note.

Some of my friends know why I decided to publish this blog; one reason was to help me improve my writing; as a lecturer from Portsmouth said after a visit: “writing is like a muscle, every time you write it gets bigger and improves” this struck home immensely, but the second and most important reason was to just to have fun and post some interesting blogs that might appeal to a wide range of audiences.

The majority of my blog is dedicated to Sports and more than half of my posts have been published with Sports in mind this is mainly due to my aspirations of becoming a Sports Journalist.

So far I am currently in my second year of University at Brighton; and since undertaking the course I have gained plenty of experience writing for various sites on the web and I have also been published a handful of time in the local Eastbourne Independent newspaper.

Thank you all comments and follows are all appreciated.



2 thoughts on “About

  1. Nice one son … Ill look forward to reading your updates .

    Hope you include a review or two of some Palace games as they are the greatest team in the world ! Or maybe something cycling related for all the Cyclists that follow your blog ?

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